A long week

Ordinary Time 25/Trinity 15 – Thursday

I found out a week ago that I made it through to interviews for a new job. With my current employer but the job is in a specialist team. My interview for it is on tomorrow. Here’s hoping and praying that things go well.

The change of work would be interesting, I’d develop up my skills very quickly in an area which is attracting some serious attention worldwide in tax. The extra money is a bonus. The step up in responsibility will also give me a challenge as well.

It was bittersweet though. Some friends at work also applied for these multiple jobs and they didn’t make it thru to interviews. And I am loyal to my current team as well (both to my manager, technical leaders and some of the people I am mentoring there) so if I do have to move to this new team, it will be a sad time for me. I’ll feel sad at having to put down the casework that I am currently working on with my colleagues.

Call me not your stereotypical Gen Y-er but that’s me. I don’t like to job hop but when an opportunity like this comes up that is good for career, I’d be stupid if I didn’t put my name into the proverbial hat. My manager and tech leaders say the same thing too.


OK, here’s another music post… Amerie… what can I say about her?

She’s gorgeous, she’s Asian (Korean/African-American) and I’ve loved her tracks since her first album came out in 2002 (though her 3rd and last album on Columbia didn’t do it for me as much as her debut and 2nd albums on Columbia).

This has got to be the dopest set of beats I have heard in a very long time. The new album on Island Def Jam should be sweet if the production standards are as good as this.

Lyrically, I think she’s getting better too as a songwriter.


This week at work has been hilarious. But it’s been tiring. Got home tonight at 7:30pm after leaving the house this morning at 6:55am. I think I’m due to hit 40 hours this week (which means that this week has been a very long one given that I’ve also been taking stuff home to get up to speed: there just aren’t enough hours in a day).

Work has been a slog at times. There have been some funny times as well. Including being asked earlier on this week on whether I might want to be introduced to a family member of a colleague that I have worked with on cases before.

On the bright side, it is Friday tomorrow and I have a lunch date at Wagamama with a friend from work. Two stressed out work colleagues meeting up at lunch to catch up about their lives and have a vent about their frustrations, hopes and dreams to each other.

For such small mercies, I feel blessed and thankful.

+ 2300hrs


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