TGIF (again!)

Ordinary Time 25/Trinity 15 – Friday

Week is over. Interview went alright. Hope that the examples I gave met the selection criteria in round 2 of this selection process. Now it is just to hope and pray that what I said I could do is what the selection committee is after for these jobs.

I am feeling incredibly stuffed now though. Think I might do some reading of public Taxation Rulings before falling asleep with my head buried in them. My weekend is looking incredibly bright. Honestly. Hopefully we won’t get another duststorm hitting us like we did last Wednesday. Don’t really want to spend all day tomorrow indoors.


Apart from listening to Amerie, I’ve been listening to Maxwell’s first part of his album trilogy BLACKsummers’night a lot. Back in 1997, I first stumbled across Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite (MUHS) when I was in high school. It started a love of soul music for me at the time (and furthermore to that, a love affair with urban/African-American music that still continues today).

There’s a certain tenderness and openness to all manner of emotions in this album. The instrumentation is first-class. So are the arrangements. Maxwell’s vocals only seem to have gotten better with time. The dude can sing his ass off. And over arching all of this is the art of seduction in every note, phrase and riff.

Experiences of bitterness at love roll through this album on a number of tracks. On the experience of a lover when their beloved just turns cold towards them (in “Cold”). On the depression that sets in after rejection and the eventual moving on from a relationship (“Pretty Wings”).

There’s an element of the spiritual and gospel music in the rousing and catchy “Help Somebody”. But even then, the story of love still continues on in its lyrics. I am going to be listening to this even more over the next few months. Out of the thousands of albums released in a year, it’s refreshing to find something that truly is a diamond in amongst all the pyrite and regular dirt.

This is a huge return for him musically after his last album back in 2001, Now. He’s back with a vengeance and personally I think this is as good as his debut album. MUHS is an album I return to week after week with its entire song cycle from the first moments of adoration to the loneliness of separation and ultimate climax of proposal. I think the entire new trilogy is going to be in a similar vein as MUHS and I’m already looking forward to vol. 2 which should be due out later this year or early-2010.

Well worth a listen if you love your classic soul and its modern counterpart, neo-soul.

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