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Ordinary Time 29/Trinity 19 – Wednesday

I was alerted to this by my Dad over dinner tonight. So the Holy Father (or is it the CDF, or even another part of the Curia?) is making a concession and thinking about setting up ‘personal ordinariates’ for disaffected Anglicans (of any variety) so they can jump ship across the Tiber (so to speak). The Vatican announcement can be found here. And the joint statement by Abp. Rowan Williams of the Anglican See of Canterbury and Abp. Vincent Nichols of the Roman Catholic See of Westminster can be found on Abp. Rowan’s website.

This will be interesting to see how this pans out over the coming years. And how the timing of this just seems a wee bit too convenient for the Vatican given all the internal wrangling that exists in the Anglican Communion now over homosexual clergy, homosexual marriage and (to a lesser extent) women bishops.

This being particularly prevalent over in the USA which has led to the ACNA being set up in contradistinction to TEC – though with the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane saying there is nothing canonically wrong with women bishops being consecrated here, this is at odds with say, the Anglican Diocese of Sydney which doesn’t even allow women to be ordained as priests, let alone as bishops.

Then again the Anglican Diocese of Sydney has its own problems currently after losing about A$160 million in investments as discussed at its 2009 Diocesan Synod (see here, here and here for Australian media reports from Fairfax and News Ltd newspapers).

I can picture the the Primate of the TAC, Abp. John Hepworth jumping for joy about these new personal ordinariates (which will be similar to military ordinariates which minister to Roman Catholics who serve in the armed forces). I wonder how the Anglican Use and Pastoral Provision that the late Pope John Paul II set up will also factor in with this new organisational scheme.

There is one part of me that rejoices at this ecumenical gesture (if you can call it that, others would simply call this out as the RCC poaching disaffected Anglicans globally into the RC fold). A part of me wants to join and have “full, visible unity” with my Roman Catholic brethren. But there are still a number of issues that would prevent me from unreservedly moving over into such a camp.

And that the Lord somehow still wants me to stay where I am currently in CMCA (even though I myself feel somewhat of an anomaly in the CMCA) rather than to jump ship into communion with Canterbury or with Rome (or for that matter Constantinople as well).

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