The soul

Ordinary Time 31/4th Week before Advent – Friday

[ now playing? ] Mixed by DJ008® – A Portrait of House (2001)

Yes, I am going old school with house music for listening tonight. This is bringing back memories. Good memories.


Got some good news today as well. Shared it with a couple of close friends at work during the lunch break and after work (well, with one during lunch break and another in the arvo and evening). Darkness lifted briefly at lunch for an hour or so.

Haven’t had as much fun on a Friday night as tonight. The darkness lifted for at least 4 hours… Was rather refreshing. Along with that Corona at the Embassy this arvo and then dinner at Wagamama Wintergarden.

Now just waiting for the darkness to swallow me back up into its belly again. It’s coming for me, but I just can’t spot the damn thing at present so I can’t really hide myself from its jaws.


“The soul too, has her virginity and must bleed a little before bearing fruit.” — George Santayana (1863-1952)

+ 2200hrs


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