Peaking too early

Ordinary Time 32/3rd Week before Advent – Tuesday
Feast Day of St. Leo the Great (d. A.D.461), Pope & Doctor of the Church

[ now playing? ] Juan Diego Flórez & Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana (cond. Daniel Oren) – Bel Canto Spectacular

Well, well, well…

Got some good news today. And while others at work celebrated I was left thinking:

Have I peaked too early in life?

And as a corollary:

Have I reached my level of incompetence?

I sure as heck hope not for the second question.

As for the first (and at the risk of sounding like an absolute cock), there is a possibility of that being the case. Going by anecdotal experiences, my colleagues in the team who have been in the organisation a lot longer than I have cannot remember someone as young as me getting an Executive L1 position. And I only know of 3 others in the organisation who have risen as quickly through the ranks as I have (if not already quicker than I).

The bar has been raised. Obviously someone in the organisation believes that I have the capability to deliver what the job required on the selection criteria. That they believed that what I put down on my application was not a load of B.S. posing as fact when it was actually fiction (and when I wrote my application up, it was definitely not B.S. posing as fact).

But it is bittersweet. I’m not one to celebrate my successes too much to begin with, but when other colleagues also applied for the same positions and they didn’t get a position, it’s just bad form to celebrate too much. I know I just don’t feel comfortable about it. Now hoping my other colleagues don’t congratulate me too much. One, because I’m just not into too much of that sort of thing. Two, I’m conscious of the effect that could have on the people who did not get the positions.

Now am hoping and praying for other friends at work who applied for jobs. They’ll hear about their applications in the next couple of weeks and I sure as heck hope they get jobs at my former work level (PS level 6). The work I have seen them complete is definitely at that level (and in some cases, rated higher than that level). If they don’t get these positions, I will lose a little bit of faith in the system and the process. A little bit.

Unless of course, the people who did get the jobs were better qualified than my work friends. If that is the case, then the merit based selection process is working as it should.

Now just have to deal with the renewed bugging from my parents about finding a woman and settling down to raise a family. 😦

And all the other crap running around in my head.

Honestly, no woman will want a guy as fractured as me.

It really is all downhill from here on in…

+ 2058hrs

edit: 2252hrs

Joe Hockey’s speech at the Sydney Institute last night is good reading. I may not like the man’s points of view politically (well, those of his party), but this is a very cogent speech on religious tolerance, the decline of faith in the public arena (or at worst, its denigration in the public arena), how a secular society does not automatically mean a value-less society and in particular how fundamentalism and a literalist reading of Scripture has potentially tainted Christianity, Islam and Judaism in this century along with their efforts to proselytize.


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