Ordinary Time 33/2nd Week before Advent – Tuesday

It’s past midnight. I’ve been tossing and turning in bed since 9:45pm tonight. And I’m somewhat paranoid about sleeping tonight.

Hence why I am still up.

I’m getting picked up at 0330hrs this morning by a cab to head to Brisbane Domestic airport. My alarm is set for 2:30am, 2:35am and 2:45am. But given my recent unlucky streak with sleep, there’s every chance in the world that I’ll end up sleeping through all three alarms and I’ll miss my flight to Canberra which leaves at 0510hrs. >.<

So I guess that I’ll be power-napping until my first alarm goes off this morning. And then I’ll wake myself up with a cold shower followed by a very, very, very, very early breakfast before standing outside the house in a suit at 3:30am for my cab to arrive. And I sure hope like heck that it does arrive this morning. Otherwise I will not be a very happy chappy and I guess I won’t be attending that work meeting today either.

Maybe this insomnia is a blessing of sorts, just for today.

All I ask God for today is strength to get through a full day of meetings in Canberra and the ability to crash to sleep once I get home tonight.

And that coffee is cheap in Canberra. Because I’ll be needing lots of it on this fine Tuesday of November 2009.

+ 0024hrs


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