Early Christmas present?

Advent 2 – Wednesday

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Well, I got my official letter today advising me of my promotion. My name should be appearing somewhere in the Federal Government gazette advising me of my promotion tomorrow. And just in time to celebrate with my team’s end of calendar year/Christmas/New Year’s  lunch. Followed by the entire business line’s end of year function (and which I can use up a sizeable portion of my flexi-time credit [yes, my office owes me time for the time I spend at work above standard hours] on Friday when I attend it).

Here’s hoping that a couple of other work colleagues find out they will be gazetted for their promotions before Christmas. Will put their minds at ease for sure over the end of year break.

I should be overjoyed about this promotion but I’m a bit indifferent to it all. Thank God that the pay will increase though. The type of work I do however will still remain as complex as it ever can be and there’ll be even more challenges for 2010. I just hope I don’t let myself, the team, the segment, the business line, the community and ultimately, God down.


Picked up a pair of new running shoes yesterday. More precisely a pair of New Balance MR769’s in silver and red. These will replace my old pair of New Balance running shoes that I’ve had since 2002 (forgotten what model those were).

I still reckon I have to lose about 20kg (that’s 44lb in the imperial system). Looking forward to going for a jog around the bike track on Saturday morning to really test these new runners out.

Aiming to be able to do two full laps of the bike track near the house in a mild jog to begin with. After that, I’ll progress to more laps before graduating to running on a route that I normally walk around my neighborhood. And I’ll have to really get up off my ass every weekend to go walking more often. Also need some workout clothes too. I have a paucity of workout clothes. It’s either sleepwear or corporate attire that makes up most of my wardrobe. Thank God that the Boxing Day sales are coming up very soon.

My aerobic fitness sucks balls compared with my anaerobic fitness. Especially on weekends. At least on weekdays I tend to powerwalk around the city and thus walk back to the office with sweatmarks on my business shirts around my manboob area while being slightly puffed. Those of you who are eating while reading this post, I apologize for the horrific mental images you are now probably getting in your heads. Think that I may also maybe drive to the local pool and get some swimming laps in as well. Or if not that, get my ass up early enough in the morning to go for a swim at one of the city pools before going into work once a week.

After that, I’m definitely thinking about getting a swiss ball, a mat, some push up bars and maybe some pilates and yoga vids. Hopefully I’ll start to make some progress against, what seems to be, a perpetual paunch I’ve had since my high school days. And I’ll start to dismantle some of the body image problems that have shadowed me for most of my young adult life. And with that, maybe some of the mental image problems that have resulted as well. Haven’t been taking care of what should be God’s temple (to use St. Paul’s language).

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