DFO Airport Village

Advent 4 – Tuesday

So I dropped my parents off to the airport earlier today.

And after 2/3 years (?), I finally ended up going to the DFO next door to the Brisbane Airport on the way back home.

Man it’s full of crap. The only two stores that actually got my attention were the Levi’s outlet and the Jeanswest outlet. OK, maybe the Videopro Sony Clearance Centre as well. And the Windsor Smith and Aquila shoe clearance outlets too. So that makes it five stores.

Spent about a couple of hours there and came out underwhelmed but with some purchases.

Which only go to show that for a guy, I’m an absolute denim whore.

#1: Levi’s 501’s, button-fly straight jeans in dark indigo from Levi’s Japan for $59.95 (after discount). The fabric itself is “Made in USA” 14oz denim by the folks at Cone Denim over in Greensboro, NC. It’s good stuff. I’m breaking in this pair right now while sitting as I type. These should fade and crease in all the right spots over the next few years. This also feels a little stiffer than usual. It’s quite possible that these could be raw un-washed/un-rinsed denim, but from what I’ve been able to find out about these online, they don’t appear to be. These have a different “feel” to the 501’s that I’ve felt up (man, I sound dirty writing that) at David Jones. Should have bought another pair of these 501’s in a really beaten down, light stonewash for the summer months as they would have been the same price.

#2: Jeanswest Japanese Selvedge, Men’s Slim Straight “Saki” jeans for $59.95, dark indigo wash. These are getting bloody hard to find in Jeanswest stores now. So to find one of these at that price was a crazy find. None of the Regular Straight Japanese Selvedge left in my size though. =(

#3: Here’s the big find though: Levi’s Vintage Collection 1955 501 XX Riders Run in what appears to be a dark indigo wash. It was a limited edition batch that got put out back in late-2007/early-2008 and I managed to snag #166 of 225 today. Scored these for $129.95 after discount (these were marked RRP at $399.95). Like the Jeanswest ones, these are jeans that are made out of selvedge also. I’m going to have to delay washing these for as long as possible after first wearing as these appear to be “shrink-to-fit”. They sorta look like these ones, except the one I have is a lot more weathered in terms of the buttons and rivets.

I’m never buying denim at any of the CBD shops again. Ever. Why go to DJs or Myer to pay full price and get denim that isn’t quite exactly best-quality (especially for the prices you do pay for a pair of 501’s retail) when imported product is available at the Levi’s outlets and is actually of a better quality (the denim fabric is of a better quality). Especially when the imported product appears to be stuff from Levi’s Japan, and the Japanese are fastidious, if not obsessive and otaku-like at times, about denim.

All in all, a rather good day off from work. Tomorrow should be good too. Meeting up with a friend from work who is also on holidays for yum cha. At least I’m not moping around at home all day then.

+ 2037hrs


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