Ordinary Time 3 – Wednesday

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It’s been about a week since my last post on potentially closing this blog off.

After prayer and a lot of soul-searching over the last week, primarily spent after work kneeling in prayer in the nave of St. Stephen’s Cathedral or in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel behind the main altar at St. Stephen’s, I am going to keep this blog up and running. It may more or less continue on in the same manner as before, but I will be trying not to post random sort of posts up (like the one about the Lifeline Bookfest).

I’m going to try and make this a more coherent blog in terms of its focus.

Of course, there will be the usual posts on my thoughts and prayers from the liturgical year and Scripture readings. And theology, philosophy and liturgy. They will continue on as before.

There will also continue to be posts on the things that I take joy and comfort about in my life. So there will be book, movie and music reviews/recommendations as well. And I will be the first to state that all books and music that end up being reviewed on here in any fashion have been purchased/acquired by myself without being provided to me as a sample or a gift by book and media publishers/retail outlets. If any are provided to me as a sample or gift, these will be declared to you for probity’s sake.

And there will be some broad commentary on social issues and current affairs that I find interesting/intriguing and other interesting things that are happening in my life (with the exception of all the crap that runs in my head).

And if I ever do videoblogs without any other commentary/text above or underneath the video(s), you can bag me for it. I’m talking about you here Ems given you also share my antipathy for videoblog entries without any other things in a blog entry.

As I mentioned briefly above, I’m planning on not writing in such graphic detail about all of the crap that runs around in my head and the never-ending pressure I have from family and other well-meaning people (like one of the pastors at EMP) to find someone and settle down. Y’all have had to read too much about that in the past. All of that does drive me to despair at times.

You, my dear readers, should already know by now that I go through bouts of minor depression (it is probably dysthymia that feels as bad as the clinical definition of major depression to me) and at times I have bordered on being, if not actually being, suicidal. Well, some of my readers know that about me in deep & meaning conversations I’ve had with them over MSN or email.

Some of that stuff may come through in my future posts, but I’m not planning on going into specifics as I have done in the past. I will leave that for conversation and discussion with the very few close friends that I have here in Brisbane, other parts of Australia and some from overseas (these ones, you know who you are).

So my pontificating will continue for the time being. God willing (Insha’Allah).

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