British Methodism & the CofE

1st Sunday in Lent

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I’m getting used to this minimal blogging. It’s quite cathartic not posting too often. Just as I’m also getting used to the loneliness I experience even in the midst of a crowd. To the point where I even crave it. Sad innit? =P


I was looking around at the news today on various sites. Including the Sydney Anglicans website which threw up a few good links.

Some interesting news (link here) in that it appears that conservative traditionalist Anglicans in Australia who are aligned with Forward in Faith (FiF) may now leave the Anglican Church in Australia and join (along with the Traditional Anglican Communion) under Rome’s Anglican Ordinariates that the Holy Father provided for in an Apostolic Constitution that was released last year. For me in Brisbane, that means that if the entire thing goes through, I do not believe that I will be able to partake of the Body and Blood of Christ during Mass at All Saints on Wickham Terrace anymore given that it is affiliated with FiF Australia (and also because of that little thing known as RC Canon Law). Sad, because it is one of the quaintest and most beautiful churches in Brisbane and it uses a beautiful liturgy as found in the English Missal. It should still be open for prayer during the day at least though, so I still have another hiding place at lunchtimes (alongside St. Stephen’s) when I can’t make it to Mass at St. John’s.

But even more interesting news is the remarks made by the Rev’d. David Gamble, Conference President of the Methodist Church of Great Britain to the Church of England’s 2010 General Synod.

Here are some links if you want to read it for yourself:

Given the Methodist-Anglican agreement signed in 2003, it does look possible (at a stretch) that in the near future the Methodist Church in Great Britain will rejoin the mother church from which she came out of. And for that matter, the wishes of the founders of Methodism, Rev’d. Charles Wesley and Rev’d. John Wesley will be granted just over 200 years after their deaths.

I don’t expect this motion (if you could call it that) to pass easily at both future UK General Conferences and the CofE’s future Synods though. Methodists in the UK have a slight problem with episcopacy (i.e. the office of bishops, unlike their American counterparts) and very traditionalist Anglo-Catholics have a problem with women in Holy Orders and more to the point, whether Methodist orders are valid.

And as an Anglo-Catholic myself, I’d say that I’m on the borderline between traditionalist Anglo-Catholicism and the broad-Church variety of Anglo-Catholicism (that does accept women priests but maybe/maybe not women bishops) so this potential merger between UK Methodists and the CofE isn’t too troubling to me. Given that ecumenism is a bugbear of mine, I’m quite happy to hear these remarks made in Christian charity for the sake of the Gospel. Though the remarks about Westminster Central Hall (worth £94 million) may be true, I sure hope that it isn’t the (real) reason why the CofE would like this to go ahead.

I’m looking forward to reading/hearing/seeing what Abp. Rowan Williams has to say at the 2010 Methodist General Conference in a few months time (June 2010 if I read correctly).

Today is a good day for people like myself who have both Anglican and Methodist heritage in their Christian life.

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