Lectures for Lent 2010

2nd Sunday in Lent

Almost a few more days to go and Lent 2010 reaches its halfway point for me and the other Christians who observe this season of the Church Year. Then it is the home stretch to Palm Sunday and then Holy Week 2010 before the Easter Triduum (Good Friday to Easter Sunday).

Tomorrow night will be a little bit of an indulgence as I head out to see Phoenix at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Should be a good night out even though it’s only me and Lynn who are heading out (Simey, you piked on going to see Phoenix!!! =P)

But for Lent this year, I’m listening to what a set of Holy Week talks that Archbishop Rowan Williams gave in 2009 at the place where his cathedra is, the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ at Canterbury (otherwise more commonly known as Canterbury Cathedral).

Abp. Rowan based his first talk on Prayer and how three of the early church fathers dealt with the Lord’s Prayer and their commentaries on it (Origen, St. Gregory of Nyssa and John Cassian). The second talk sees him head towards the 16th and 17th centuries to concentrate on what Luther, Calvin, a couple of writers and bishops from the English Reformation and finished off with St. Teresa of Jesus (otherwise known as Teresa of Avila), St. John of the Cross and a bit on St. Therese of Lisieux and their views on prayer.

I’m looking forward to listening through to the final talk in the 3-part series on the quest for God in this modern world we live in. If you want something a bit more solid to chew on mentally (and that’s not saying that milk isn’t good, but you need more than that for growth in the spiritual life) in preparation for Holy Week and Easter 2010, Abp. Rowan’s reflections are a good start on this most vital of Christian duties and tasks. As the old hymn goes:

“Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire,
unuttered or expressed,
the motion of a hidden fire,
that trembles in the breast.”

Despite the many criticisms he gets on his handling of (current) affairs within the Anglican Communion, when he gets to preaching and exposition, his erudition and intellect combined with pastoral warmth and almost perfect diction really shine through. If only the Church had more preachers like him. If only…

Click on this link and then scroll down to 6-8 April 2009 and you will find links to his three talks/lectures there.

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