Lent 2 – Tuesday

It’s just ticked past 12:30am as I begin this post. And I am still awake dammit. I’m still on a high from the Phoenix concert that I went to tonight with Lynn and met up with a few of her buddies from school who were there too.

Honestly, Thomas and his band of Frenchy’s know how to entertain a crowd. Very good. And they got “Lizstomania” outta the way early in the set too. Nice to hear Air’s “Playground Love” as one of the acoustic encore items too. And despite the bleacher seats that Lynn & I ended up getting assigned to us, we both ended up migrating down to seats that were closer to the stage anyway. Yay for a slightly un-full Great Hall at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Miami Horror were the warm-up act and I will have to try and find some of their stuff now. Nice electro-influenced funk rock (to my ears).

Set list was rocking. And this time I come home with sore ears as I forgot my musicians earplugs tonight. Given I usually use them every other time I go to a loud event, one night without them will only cause a little bit of damage as opposed to a lot.

One thing I have to note about the entire night’s sound: too freaking damn loud. I can understand that you need to close mike the drum kit up (the subs did their job of pulsating out the kick and toms perfectly). I can understand that you need to patch in the electric guitars and bass guitar into the FOH mix along with the synths and pre-recorded sound effects. But do you have to run the signal out at what would have been well above the green zone on the mixing board?

I could hear the woofers elevated above the ground in the airspace above us crackling at numerous points in the night. The amps on our side of the floor for the stack of speakers hoisted up in the air were running very “hot” for the entire night (where Lynn and I were seated originally and after our migration was right behind the monitor engineer and his mixing desk as well as the racks of amplifiers).

Is this an element of the “loudness wars” in recorded music now starting to make its way into live shows? I sure as heck hope not. Clarity in the overall mix was sacrificed for extended bass and highs. Thomas’ vocals at times were almost unable to be heard in amongst the overall mix.

Apart from this minor bugbear of mine (being an amateur hobbyist audio engineer), the night itself was one of the best nights I’ve had out. And that’s saying something given that I don’t go out often.

While Switchfoot will make their appearance at The Hi-Fi in April, will I go? Probably not. While I do enjoy the a bit of “t&a” (you can work out what this abbreviation means yourself) rubbing up against me at close quarters, too much of that all night long alongside unfortunate rubbing up of “c&a” (again, figure it out for yourself) leads me to feel a wee bit claustrophobic and wanting personal space again.

Now time for sleep. Lucky I took a day off work tomorrow (I mean today). I’m looking forward to sleeping well after my cultural side has been satiated for the next few months.

Phoenix. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! =D

+ 0057hrs


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