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Easter 1 – Friday

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My “About” page was well and truly due for a refresh, so I figured now’s as good a time as any to rewrite it. And it’s a damn sight shorter than before too.

I am glad like heck to be back home in Brissie after another trip to visit family in Singapore and Malaysia. Now, Singapore I can tahan. I can tahan Singapore very well. But Malaysia is another story. The recent trips I have made back there have only been motivated by one thing: visiting family. Apart from that, I have no inclination of wanting to go back to Malaysia for…

  • the food: which is now sorrier than ever compared with the past;
  • the shopping: which is more exxy compared to Singapore for a lot of the things I may choose to purchase; or
  • the weather: which is as close as you can get to hell on earth (unless one goes to Kalimantan, but I suspect that the weather is better there than in Peninsular Malaysia).

The only time that I felt the most relieved in Malaysia was sitting in the Gate C31 lounge at KLIA waiting for my Jetstar Asia flight back to Changi.

Reading the daily papers in Malaysia was even more depressing. The NST’s and The Star’s news sections aren’t filled with much decent news there at all. If I wanted to read 1Malaysia Bernama stories, I’d have just turned on Astro to watch the Bernama News channel instead, assuming that they had any English language coverage on at the time given my bahasa Melayu is pathetic. Reading about all the crap that goes on within the federal and state parliaments, PKR and BN (especially the MCA at the moment) makes me wonder whether democracy in Malaysia is actually going forward at all. I’m not taking for granted Australia’s press freedoms anymore (even if I can’t stand the coverage of news and current affairs by some newspapers).

I also ate way too much while over in Malaysia too (too many dinners with family friends). I’m sick of Chinese food now. And that means I’m back on a diet so that I don’t feel so much of a fat ass. That plus also being able to fit properly into those Uniqlo shirts I bought in Singapore.

Spent most of the time in Seremban hanging out with my grandmother, relatives and watching Astro. The American Idol race this year has piqued my attention compared with previous years and I now am a partial gleek too. Yes, I’ve been watching Glee and American Idol on Star World. Being back in Malaysia for Easter was an experience as well. It’s as if Easter doesn’t really exist given that there is no public holiday for Good Friday (though I think Sarawak and Sabah do retain it as a public holiday).

Landing at Changi on Wednesday morning (after a slight delay) was great. Was thoroughly looking forward to dropping my bags (as well as Dad’s) in the hotel room we had booked at the Furama City Centre before a final trip into Orchard Rd (while Dad stayed around Chinatown and People’s Park).

Uniqlo had a sale in my absence and consequently, they were out of stock on the navy blazers and the pink/white striped premium French linen shirts I had spotted there in the Palm Sunday weekend. Books Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City also was out of stock on some books I spotted there and wanted to pick up on the way back. Such is life. I’m now hoping and wishing that Uniqlo opens up across the Australian eastern seaboard soon and Kinokuniya also expands from its current sole presence in Sydney to other places on the eastern seaboard.

Walking around Orchard Rd and eating Western or Asian stuff in Singapore is so much more enjoyable than back in Malaysia. Maybe I should visit there at least once every year when cheap air fares come around.

Hopefully Emirates will keep offering relatively cheap fares. I’m quite impressed by their in-air service (though SQ’s is still better) and I can’t help but say that their in-flight entertainment (IFE) service (I.C.E.) is actually better than SQ’s IFE by a smidgen (it’s the touch screens in every seat in Economy Class that tip the scales in Emirates’ favor for me). And yes, I have flown before in SQ’s newer planes that have their upgraded IFE system. I plugged myself in with the airline adaptor and my d-JAYS micro armature in-ear phones (with foam tips) and the entire trip was brilliant. In-flight catering as well on Emirates is good too, though the sector from Singapore to Brisbane was better food-wise than the sector from Brisbane to Singapore. I don’t know what it is, but the Australian in-flight catering kitchens don’t cook well at all by my reckoning.

And lastly, whoever says that Australian duty free shopping is good needs to get their eyes and brains checked. Compared with prices in Changi and KLIA, the duty free at Brisbane International is more expensive and deals there are nowhere near as good as at those two airports. I walked onto the Emirates flight with a second piece of cabin baggage courtesy of a freakin’ good deal for a bottle of Glenfiddich Solera Reserve 15 y.o. and Glenfiddich 18 y.o. Reserve that came with a free cabin trolley bag. Score.

Anyways, time to rest up more. I have only the weekend to recuperate before work starts for me on Monday.

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