I watched a rather good film this afternoon/evening.

I’m a sucker for rom-com’s and this one was a good one. With one twist. One of the lead characters has Aspergers. It reminded me at times of another one of my favorite films, Lars and the Real Girl.

Adam is the name of the film in question. It received a prize (the Alfred P. Sloan Prize) at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. You can probably guess that I tend to watch independent cinema on DVD rather than mainstream cinema releases (in cinema or on DVD).

Rose Byrne & Hugh Dancy had great chemistry on-screen imho and heck, I’m supportive of Aussie actors (like Rose) who make it into the US film scene (whether in Hollywood or on the indie circuit). Heck, Rose was very much the pretty girl next door of most guy’s dreams.

Hugh Dancy, as the the title character Adam, played the lead role very well. Those people out in the general population who are generally shy (like myself) certainly can empathize with his character in social situations (though our social ineptitude is definitely not as severe as those who have Aspergers).

The ending wasn’t typical of the typical Hollywood rom-com which was good, but it was a little bittersweet. You couldn’t help but root for the guy and feel bad for him throughout the film.

Out of 10 (where 10 is the highest), I’d give Adam probably an 8. The storyline is good, it’s well acted, the lead characters have a believable chemistry on screen, the cinematography is gorgeous and the soundtrack fits just right with the story. By way of comparison, Saving Face ranks about 7.5 for me (the storyline there is one that I can certainly empathise with at certain points) and Hitch rates about a 6 (given the ending is as what one would typically expect and the acting is relatively good though cheesy like heck at times).

If you can find it on DVD, it’s a recommended flick to watch from me.

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