Mere Churchianity

Pentecost 6 – Sunday

[ now playing? ] “God Be In My Head (from the Sarum Primer, 1514)” – set to music by H. Walford Davies (1869-1941), sung by the Brisbane Chamber Choir, directed by Graeme Morton

I’m somewhat tired at this point of the day. Deacon Ann this morning at St. John’s gave a very challenging sermon based on the reading from St. Luke’s Gospel (Lk 10:1-20). The ending of Mass is something I’ve said many times on Sundays and on weekdays. Now I’ve just got to go out and actually live it. Stinging words Deacon, but by God I needed to hear it.

Came home and then got stuck into some ironing. For the first time in ages, I managed to get an entire basketload done in an hour and a half of non-stop ironing while listening to an audiobook: Father James Martin S.J.’s My Life with the Saints. So far it’s been St. Jude, St. Joan of Arc and then St. Therese of Liseux. That “Little Way” of St. Therese is very much consonant with what Deacon Ann preached this morning. Looking forward to the remaining 9 CD’s of this unabridged audiobook.

After that, it’s been a WMC meeting followed by some heart-to-heart talk with parents: there are some things that my mother will never be able to understand and only my father can understand.

And lo’ behold, it’s the end of yet another weekend and beginning of another week of work. We should all be so lucky…


It’s taken me a while to read the excerpt of Michael Spencer’s forthcoming book Mere Churchianity that is linked from almost every page on

So I’ve read it tonight, with some tears in eyes at how he wrote those words and how I can see myself in those damn words he recounts. Even from death Michael, you still have a way of hitting me. I’m looking forward to meeting you eventually when it finally is the time when the good Lord calls me home.

Maybe Michael, now that you are finally home, you should be canonized as the patron saint of Christians in the wilderness. Here’s hoping.

I’m hoping this makes it to the shelves of Koorong, or even better, Borders later this year. Christians need to read this and so do non-Christians.

Until then, take a read of the excerpt (in PDF) yourselves folks. It’s warmly recommended from me.



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