So I guess this year’s Federal Election really is Indecision 2010. No party won a clear mandate and there’s sure to be some horse-trading over the coming week for Labor or the Lib-Nat Coalition to form a government. Though given the background of the independents who appear to have won 4 seats in the lower house, they seem to lean towards the right in my view, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Coalition end up forming a minority government.

This is interesting given that the Australian electorate seems to have swung decidedly left with the Greens finally picking up a House of Reps seat in the historic electorate of Melbourne and 11.5% of the vote across the country. And I think they will be the dealmakers or breakers in the Senate given that it appears that they provisionally have gained 6 Senate seats to now have a total of 9 senators on the floor against Labor’s 31 senators, the Lib-Nat’s 34 senators and with 2 independents.

Labor has seen a massive swing against it in virtually the entire country (though the Apple Isle, Tasmania has given us some weird results with a 1.2% swing to Labor and a 3.5% swing to the Greens and the Coalition having a 4.9% swing against them).

I did dance a little jig and started to sing “Ding, dong, the witch is dead…” when I heard last night that the Victorian Family First senator Steve Fielding had failed to be re-elected as a senator for Victoria on the 23rd count of the night for Victoria. Any party that seems to clamor for my vote just because it runs on a “Christian” platform better have some serious policy on the table for discussion rather than a blithe platform of working to put “families first”.

Being a Christian voter does not mean that I automatically vote Family First, nor does it mean that I vote Labor, Liberal, National, LNP, Greens, Australian Democrats, DLP or any other party automatically. It does mean that I should try to inform myself as best as possible about all options there and vote for one that is the best for the nation as a whole rather than for one sub-segment, i.e. conservative Christians. And that means, as it was in this election, that sometimes it ends up being a vote for a lesser evil over a greater one. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t (of sorts).

For those of you outside of Australia (or even those of you in the country), we have a strange little electoral system here. Which in its own quaint way is a sensible one (or terribly confusing in its own quaint way). See if you can make sense of the Victorian results for yourselves at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s VIC Senate results page.

So yes, there was INDECISION 2010 at this year’s election. The next three years of government here in Australia are sure gonna be interesting.


In far more interesting news, I ❤ Diane Birch. I also ❤ Lissie.

I seem to be coming across female singer-songwriters far more often than I do male singer-songwriters. I guess this means that I have more sirens to sing me to sleep at night then.

Now time for the ironing.

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