Music, glorious music

Pentecost 17 – Sunday

[ now playing? ] Robyn – “Good Thing (Club Instrumental)” | Robyn – “With Every Heartbeat” | Robyn – “Hang With Me (Acoustic)” | Robyn – “Indestructible (Acoustic)” | Robyn – “Love Kills” | Salem al Fakir – “Virgin Mary” | Robyn – “Crash And Burn” | Salem al Fakir – “4 O’Clock” |

I’m having a fun time obsessing (OK, not quite) over a band that’s been around for quite a while but which I have only become recently acquainted with. That band is Pink Martini. And I *heart* their work. Think lounge, jazz, latin, bossa all done by a 12-piece mini orchestra. Gorgeous music to chill out with. On a sunny day. Or, like today, a cloudy, overcast one. Some ironing music indeed. =D


Mass @ St. John’s today was interesting. Three infant baptisms (including at least one screamer when Fr. Peter was pouring the water over them) and some sublime sounds from the UQ St. John’s College Choral Scholars who were the choir of the day. Clergy were less in number as some were off to Melbourne for General Synod.

Canon Tutin’s homily today was quite an enjoyable one that contrasted the two seemingly depressing opening readings (Jeremiah 8:18-9:1 and Psalm 79:1-9) with the joys of baptism and our response as Christians in the Epistle of the Day (1 Timothy 2:1-10). And further to that, what our response should be when we are faced with a choice between God and something else (as found in today’s Gospel reading from Luke 16:1-13).

The visually impaired young lady who had a solo part in the Communion Hymn (“Come Let Us Sing Unto The Lord” by Clausen) had a beautiful voice and made that part of the service come to life. The overall service music for Mass today (Herbert Sumsion’s “Communion Service in A”) was something that an average parish choir would be able to perform easily. The chant setting for Psalm 79:1-9 (by R Cooke) was superb. While I love Gregorian Chant and plainsong (with or without melismas), the Anglican chant tradition with its parts is something quite bewitching to me. I love it.

The lads and lasses from the St. John’s Choir did some very fine work today. Sang like angels and looked the part too. If angels wore black academic gowns, that is. And at the risk of taking Mass down a notch or two, the gals in the choir today were hot. Eye candy in all parts of the Cathedral today: stained glass, vestments and some gorgeous choristers.

Praise to the Lord, the Lord be praised. =)


So Borders Australia is stopping the sale of CDs in their stores now. *sad face* I overheard one of the staff there remarking to a fellow CD scourer that it was something about how there was no money to be made in physical CD sales now given that you can get stuff digitally. I have to agree with her in that there’s something quite pleasurable about walking into a music store, picking up the item and looking at it rather than just as photons arranged in patterns on a computer monitor.

The UMG Borders at Garden City looked similarly raided as the CBD store was on Friday afternoon. Though there were more pickings there to be had compared with Borders on Elizabeth St.

For paper junkies, looks like Borders is starting to seriously stock Clairefontaine notebooks and Rhodia notebooks and pads. The paper that Moleskine uses now seems to have deteriorated in quality this year. However, Clairefontaine and Rhodia are still as good as ever. Or alternatively, maybe I’m just a fussy dude. *hmmph*

But thanks to Sarah @ Borders UMG (you gorgeous, beautiful gal) for brightening up my day with her smile and impeccable customer service. *swoons* And your totally unexpected discounting of another item on my shopping list, the Pink Martini live DVD to $10. I’ll also have to check out your musical recommendation, MGMT, too. *stops himself from becoming infatuated*

Now time for some ironing.

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One thought on “Music, glorious music”

  1. I have noticed the same problem with Moleskines. I’m a recent convert to the Rhodia “webbie” and I have to say, it’s great. I love it. And my fountain pens love it too!

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