Two great games…

… of defensive football in week 4 of the 2010 NFL season that I managed to catch replays on ESPN here in Australia (Monday and Tuesday night rebroadcasts).

Bears v Giants @ New Meadowlands Stadium:

It will be another rare day when I see a team sack the opposing QB nine (9!!!) times in one half. I felt really bad for Cutler. It was almost a relief to see him not come back to play the second half after a tentative diagnosis of concussion on his last sack. The Giants had the Bears owned in the first half . Surprised the score didn’t blow out any more than the final 17-3 scoreline.

Patriots v Dolphins @ Sun Life Stadium:

Did I hear someone say that special teams are an afterthought? Not with the Patriots. Chung was a blinder with a blocked punt leading to a TD, a blocked field goal that led to Arrington going 35-yards for a TD and a 53-yard interception TD of his own. Congrats to Brady for picking up his 100th win as a starting QB in the lowest number of games. And Danny Woodhead, weren’t you a pocket rocket playing as a receiver and a back. There’s hope for little guys to make it in the big leagues after your performance on Monday night.

On the other hand, my 49ers are 0-4 at the moment. Y’all started off so well in the pre-season so what the heck happened? Granted, the last game @ATL was a close one, but here’s hoping for a 12-game unbeaten streak for the rest of the regular season. Or maybe I’m hoping too much there…



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