Another week gone by

[ now playing? ] The Real Group – Julen er her

I don’t know where time is going. The last three or so weeks have flown by. Life has been a blur.

The only thing that is helping to keep me lucid about what time of the year it is is the liturgical calendar. Last Sunday was Christ the King, meaning that this coming Sunday is Advent 1. Next Tuesday should be St. Andrew’s Day. Yesterday was St. Clement’s from memory. Or was it St. Cecilia’s? But after this Sunday, there’s really only another four and a half weeks or so before the Feast of the Incarnation comes around (i.e. Christmas).

I do know that I only have another 16 more days of work to go for the year. And there is a helluva lot of stuff that needs to get done in the next 16 days for me. Two papers that need to get clearance from technical leaders and others higher up in the hierarchy.

My manager at work keeps telling me to take a day off. But there are some things that I have to get done ASAP. So even if I want to take a day off (and I desperately want to), it’s difficult. And if that means I have to keep racking up unpaid overtime to get things that need to get done well… done, then so be it. Who knows, I might even hit the magic 100 accumulated hours of flex credit by the time I sign off from work on the 17th of December. Racking up another 25 more hours of flex credit (from the 75 hours I already have at close of business today) in 16 work days isn’t an impossible task.

Allt jag ber Gud om en viss styrka för att få igenom nästa sexton dagars arbete.

Käre Gud, bara lite styrka. Herre Jesus, bara lite styrka. Helige Ande, bara lite styrka.

Genom den artonde december, kommer jag att vara trött. Jag vet att jag ska bli mycket trött. Jag är mycket trött nu.

Herre, förbarma dig. Herre, förbarma dig.

*suckar* Jag alskar Google Översätt. =)

Dags att sova lite. God natt.



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