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Ordinary Time 6 – Saturday

Another week is gone. Can’t believe that we’re already in the middle of February. Next thing you know it’ll be June and then Christmas is on its way again.

Things are slowly getting back to normal in the CBD again in terms of places that I visit. Apartment is still closed based on the last time I walked past earlier this week.

But I was quite happy yesterday to pay a visit to the new home of The Cloakroom @ 104 Edward St (next to Sony Central).

The new space is much bigger than the shop they had on James St in Fortitude Valley and is a long ways from their first premises at Suite 220, 180 Queen St (the building with the Country Road store in it, next to Broadway on the Mall).

Much lighter and airy in vibe though the trademark black walls still remain. Fitout looks very clean and classy.

Looking forward to the shoeshine service coming back online again this Thursday. Will have to drop off to Ben the pair of Grenson Fred’s that I picked up last year in December for a topy now that the sole has been scuffed up a little bit. Get the brown Kirk’s cordovan-ed up a bit too. And by jeeves, some of the new season Grenson’s are looking sweet. Subtle broguing on some of the derby’s and oxford’s plus that boot that I have had my eye on ever since I saw it on the Grenson online shop.

And who knows, maybe later this year, I might have a reason to head back for a fitting. For a suit – certainly better to get one made-to-measure rather than buying off the rack and then needing to get alterations post-purchase. I’m sure that Andrew, Ben and Mitch will be able to help me out in terms of working out what’s going to look good on me now and in years to come. Classics never go out of style.

Now stuck at home waiting for the electrician to come around and install a TV antenna and fix up other stuff around the house. At least tonight I have something to look forward to. Plenty of phone calls but I haven’t been able to spend any time face-to-face with my significant other all week. 😦

Looking forward to catching up with her tonight for dinner after choir practice is over (it’s been a while since I’ve been in the English service choir). I’m still praying for her, I and (more importantly) US.

Small mercies like what’s planned for tonight are what get me through the day.

Deo gratias.

+ 1230hrs


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