It’s about a month away…

Wednesday after Whit Sunday (aka Pentecost)

In about a month’s time my life will irrevocably change. I get glimpses of this each and everyday before my big day with E, but on that day itself, her life and mine will be bound together even more tightly than how our lives are intertwined now.

Married life is something that I once wondered whether or not it was going to form part of my vocational makeup. At the beginning of last year, thoughts about giving my life utterly and indisposedly to the Lord in the monastic way was a serious thought. Was it escapism? I don’t know, but like Andrew Krivak (who was once a novice Jesuit only to leave the Society for married life in the “secular” world) I’m finding that married life is going to be a part of my vocational makeup.

The monastic heritage (Benedictine, Cistercian, Carmelite, Carthusian charisms) that attracted me 6-7 years ago still plays a very important part of my Christian walk. I’ve found something quite freeing in embracing the Catholic heritage of the Christian faith that has added to the pre-existing deposit of faith that my forebears passed on to me as a Protestant. And the Catholic view of what a family should be is something that I’ve never really heard much about in Protestant circles (even though I know that there is this line of thinking in Protestantism).

So I will still get up and pray the Offices of the catholic Church. I will still attend and help serve at Mass during weekday lunchtimes whenever possible. I will still serve in some way in the local congregation of the Body of Christ (however imperfect she may be) that I am a member of on Sundays and other days. But more importantly, I will do this all as a married man and be open to the varied, myriad ways that the Spirit of God works in my life and in E’s life so as to fulfil the mission of the Church (that is, to play my part in the only truly global group that exists for the benefit of those who are outside of her).


+ 0100hrs


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