Less than a week to go

Ordinary Time 15 – Sunday

My oh my, things have moved quickly. At the beginning of the 2011, I started off the year (re-)finding a special someone who I had neglected and treated horribly over the last few years. By God’s grace she forgave me and gave me a shot at being her boyfriend and her fiancée. She’s is someone who blew my mind and blew my heart away the first time I met her 9 years ago (it’s almost the beginning of the 10th year since I’ve known her). And in less than a week, I will be united with her as husband and wife. The beginning of a new family with Christ as the head.

My time dabbling in the monastic world is something I treasure deeply. I learnt more about myself during the four years where I was seriously contemplating being a monk given what was going on in my life at the time. And those four years weren’t easy. But during those four years, I have learnt tools that will serve me a lifetime in my spiritual walk with God (the LoTH, centering prayer, Ignatian reflection, ascesis, rule of life, etc, etc).

And not only in my own walk with God, but as a partner with my soon-to-be wife in our walk with the Lord together. I know she and I come from different viewpoints regarding the Christian faith (she more evangelical, I more from the ancient-future and “catholic” world). But this will be an exciting ride full of challenges (that we will overcome), the bad times (which I hope and pray we don’t have too many of) and the good times (which I hope and pray we have more of).

As for blogging, it’s becoming ever more infrequent now. Last year I was having some serious thoughts about shuttering this blog down after almost 10 years of blogging: starting out with Xanga, then LiveJournal, a failed attempt on Blogger and where I am now here on WordPress.com

After married life, I’m not foreseeing any spare time for me to add extra posts on any regular basis. I’ll keep this blog open and who knows, I might pop in once and a while, but dear readers take this post to be my final hurrah. It’s been fun writing about the thoughts on my mind and the theological struggles that I’ve gone through, but a new chapter of my life is beginning and with that it’s time to move on.

Pax Christi sit semper vobiscum.


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