[ playing? ] audrey assad – “o happy fault ep”

So my search for new computer speakers (as I painstakingly and possibly annoyingly mentioned on my FB) has come to an end. I can’t believe how limited a range we have here in Australia when it comes to decent computer speakers on a budget. The USA and Canada gets heaps and we get diddly squat (the vast range of Logitech speakers doesn’t even count).

So while I was considering much more expensive “studio monitors” like the Alesis M1Active 520 w/ USB I/O, the Behringer MS40 and the M-Audio AV40 and a cheap bookshelf speaker by a relatively unknown Chinese manufacturer, the Microlab SOLO5C, I ended up with a set of Creative Gigaworks T40 Series 2 speakers. Which means that I’ve saved a crapload of points that I could have redeemed on a pair of Bose Companion 20’s which don’t sound all that much better. To be honest, these actually sound a lot more honest than previous speakers I have used. Only thing is that the integrated sound card for this Toshiba all-in-one pc that I’m using (based on a Realtek ALC268 HD Audio controller) has woeful output from the headphone socket. Maybe a splurge out on the SB Omni 5.1 USB sound card or an ASUS Xonar U7 USB might improve the sound quality. A few universal EQ tweaks to try and bring this set of speakers to a (relatively) flat setting has meant that I’m getting much better quality sound from the T40 than my previous speakers, a set of Logitech’s with a 360-degree firing tweeter and prolly a 3-3.5-inch woofer (the model number escapes me now).

On a completely random note, can’t wait for the new Audrey Assad album which is ready to drop in mid-May 2014!! And somewhat addicted now to SBS (Korea) “Running Man”. I have my wife to thank for the latter.

Time to sleep. It’s been a long day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a chance to play with my new toy, a Masport 475ST.

+ 0020hrs

One thought on “Music”

  1. Get the Essence STX instead! As long as you don’t need anything more than 2.1, it’s better 😀

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