Book review: Jesus the Bridegroom

Thanks to for the free review copy of Brant Pitre’s “Jesus, the Bridegroom”.

It never ceases to amaze me at how timely things get in my life. For example, the timing of my reading this book. It has come at a time when I’m immersing myself in an introduction to John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” and there are a number of cross links between that and Brent Pitre’s book. The spousal analogy in TOTB is emphasised again and again in Brant Pitre’s book so that I find myself learning about the divine love for each soul (for me even!) from the Bridegroom in this book and how that divine love is to be lived out in my married life via JPII’s TOTB.

It was also very helpful for Pitre to explain a lot of the Jewish undertones in the NT texts. I haven’t come across such a treatment in many Protestant books on Christ before so this was refreshing.

All in all, a very intellectually stimulating book that is recommended reading for all Christians of whatever denomination.


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