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Alone in a crowd

Advent 4 – Sunday

I heard about this journal article earlier this month. Now I’m looking forward to reading through it.

Cacioppo, John T., Fowler, James H. and Christakis, Nicholas A., Alone in the Crowd: The Structure and Spread of Loneliness in a Large Social Network (December 1, 2008). Available at SSRN:



A sad case of evangelicalism and evolution

Ordinary Time 27/Trinity 17 – Sunday

I was saddened to read this at IMonk this evening.

That evangelical Christianity seems to be reduced to this stupid and pathetic excuse of an “either/or” choice (and no, I’m not talking about Either/Or as in Kierkegaard’s book, but as a stark choice between two not-seemingly-incompatible worldviews).

I hope and pray for that young Japanese girl. That this will not be her only exposure to Christianity. That she will actually meet Christians out there who do manage to reconcile their faith with an evolutionary standpoint on matters of science.

That while it is always easier to go down the “either/or” path, it is never as much fun nor is it anywhere near as enlightening as going down the “both/and” path when it comes to wrestling and engaging with faith and science/culture/arts/whatever.

Other good resources?

Tim Stafford’s blog entry “Evangelicals and Science” is a good one (HT: IMonk).

And given that 2009 is a big anniversary for Darwinians (which includes me to a lesser extent), the folks (Graham Tomlin, Jane Williams & Mike Lloyd) at St. Paul’s Theological Centre at Holy Trinity Brompton did a very good podcast on Darwin and Christianity earlier this year in July. GodPod 47: “Darwin & Christianity”, take a listen.

Further more to that, anything written by Rev’d Dr John Polkinghorne KBR FRS, an Anglican priest who is also a distinguished particle physicist. If you want to talk about how faith and science interact, this guy is someone who definitely should be on your reading list. That you read yourself instead of relying on Cliffs Notes or a book review.

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Ordinary Time 20/Trinity 20 – Thursday
Feast Day of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Abbot and Teacher of the Faith

OK, I’ve finally gotten my arse into gear about theological education.

I’ve been putting it off since I finished my MIntTax in 2007 and thus, I’ve lost about two years of study time (of a two or six year program).

Here’s the deal… it’s either a Bachelor of Theology or a Graduate Diploma of Theology via St. Francis Theological College and the Charles Sturt University School of Theology. I’m leaning more towards the BTh rather than the GradDipTh at the moment though.

Enquiries have been made with the Academic Dean of St. Francis College and once I check stuff out with CSU and letting my boss at work know about my plans to go back to uni part time, we’ll see how this goes…

Here’s hoping that I’ll be fine with doing two subjects a semester again while working full-time (or maybe part-time, 4 days a week). Actually before all that, here’s hoping that my application is even successful. Sure it’ll be about $1400 a semester for two subjects via distance ed (excluding textbooks and the like), but insha’allah (God willing), things will be fine on the financial level as well as on an educational level.

And dear God, I sure as heck hope I’m not getting sick again.

Where’s that damn bottle of Betadine concentrated sore throat gargle.

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Hmmm… birthday gift anyone?

Lent 2 – First Vespers, Sunday

First up, happy belated 21st to Timmeh from church. Party at St. Paul’s (pub, not the church) today was great fun. Cake was very good too.

Hmmm… I’m going to be a nerd for saying this, but…

I’m wanting one of these shirts.

λεγομαι ελω/ελο. LOL.

This want is what I shouldn’t be wanting given it’s now Lent, but heck, seeing as I’m studying Koine (Κοινὴ) Greek on my own during Lent and probably for the rest of this year, just for fun, maybe a hint for someone’s birthday coming up… *looks around and bats eyelids*

I will be walking around looking like legomai ego. Now, time for tonight’s NT Greek lesson…

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Books currently reading (Nov 29, 2007) & other stuff

34th Thursday in Ordinary Time / Last Thursday after Pentecost

[ now playing? ] derek webb – ‘in god we trust’ | corrinne may – ‘if i kissed you’

[ now drinking? ] boag’s xxx ale (one of northern tasmania’s finest imho!)

Simon Chan – ‘Spiritual Theology: A Systematic Study of the Christian Life’ (1998 InterVarsity Press)

Thomas Merton (OCSO) – ‘Praying the Psalms’ (1956 Liturgical Press)

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