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Rain, rain, go away…

Epiphany 1 – Tuesday

… please never come back like this time until my lifetime is over.

So far this has been quite a short working week. I started work again yesterday after my Christmas and New Year break.

V. O Lord, make speed to save us.

R. O Lord, make haste to help us.

Didn’t expect that on my first day of work for 2011 that I’d hear the terrible news about what has been termed the “inland tsunami” that went through Ruthven St in Toowoomba and caused a shiteload of damage (infrastructure, possessions but more tragically, human damage and carnage). And then knowing that all that water that went through Toowoomba (a town that is freaking well 700 metres [that’s about 2100 ft in the old measurements] above sea level) was then going to make its way down the Toowoomba range and through the Lockyer Valley (and that’s caused a tremendous amount of damage which has been heartbreaking to see footage of).

Now all that water is heading for the catchment areas surrounding Ipswich and Brisbane and that puts the SE Queensland metropolitan area at risk. By the time I caught the 12:55pm Gold Coast Express train (along with at least 1000 other commuters) to head home the Brisbane River had already broken its banks and the bikeway and pedestrian way that hugs to the side of Coronation Drive was underwater. I know of one person that I deal with professionally in the course of my work duties that might have been affected by flooding at her house. Hope that she and her family and loved ones are doing ok tonight and have managed to get up to higher ground.

Church friends who live out near Ipswich have been in my prayers too.

Been spending tonight with the radio on, listening to updates and checking the Bureau of Meteorology’s QLD Flood Warning Centre website. Unfortunately, with the radio on I am now having to suffer through listening to Justin Bieber (*hurls up dinner*), but that’s a small price to pay to hear what is happening currently.

Heard from my manager and other senior staff at work that we shouldn’t come into work for the next couple of days given that the Brisbane CBD has been contemplated to be flooded tomorrow or Thursday. Now that I’m sort of middle management (at least going by the level that I am now), I’ve had to try to pass the word on as well to other more junior (in terms of levels, not in terms of their ability) staff. I guess this means then that tomorrow and Thursday will be spent at home relaxing rather than panicking and in prayer for resolutions to this terrible natural catastrophe.

I am proud however of the government agency that I do work for. I know that my colleagues from around the rest of Australia will be doing their darndest to help and assist Queensland and northern NSW taxpayers in this time of deepest need and horrendous loss (in material possessions and human lives).

The versicle and response above have been on my lips most of the day. Along with the usual questions that pop into mind whenever natural disasters occur. My faith isn’t shallow, but by gosh it’s hard to just simply trust that God is somehow allowing all of this to happen for some purpose that we humans have not been let in on. I wonder why those people at Postman’s Ridge who were trapped in their houses when the wall of water rushed through their little part of this wide land and swept them away had to die? Why now that Victoria might be in for flash flooding? Why northern NSW is also flooding too?

O Lord, make speed to save us. O Lord, make haste to help us.


For anyone who wants to help out with donations to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal, donations will be gratefully received and those wishing to make donations are requested to donate online. For those within Australia, donations totalling A$2 or more will be tax deductible. If not, your prayers are definitely requested too.

+ 2040hrs


Another week gone by

[ now playing? ] The Real Group – Julen er her

I don’t know where time is going. The last three or so weeks have flown by. Life has been a blur.

The only thing that is helping to keep me lucid about what time of the year it is is the liturgical calendar. Last Sunday was Christ the King, meaning that this coming Sunday is Advent 1. Next Tuesday should be St. Andrew’s Day. Yesterday was St. Clement’s from memory. Or was it St. Cecilia’s? But after this Sunday, there’s really only another four and a half weeks or so before the Feast of the Incarnation comes around (i.e. Christmas).

I do know that I only have another 16 more days of work to go for the year. And there is a helluva lot of stuff that needs to get done in the next 16 days for me. Two papers that need to get clearance from technical leaders and others higher up in the hierarchy.

My manager at work keeps telling me to take a day off. But there are some things that I have to get done ASAP. So even if I want to take a day off (and I desperately want to), it’s difficult. And if that means I have to keep racking up unpaid overtime to get things that need to get done well… done, then so be it. Who knows, I might even hit the magic 100 accumulated hours of flex credit by the time I sign off from work on the 17th of December. Racking up another 25 more hours of flex credit (from the 75 hours I already have at close of business today) in 16 work days isn’t an impossible task.

Allt jag ber Gud om en viss styrka för att få igenom nästa sexton dagars arbete.

Käre Gud, bara lite styrka. Herre Jesus, bara lite styrka. Helige Ande, bara lite styrka.

Genom den artonde december, kommer jag att vara trött. Jag vet att jag ska bli mycket trött. Jag är mycket trött nu.

Herre, förbarma dig. Herre, förbarma dig.

*suckar* Jag alskar Google Översätt. =)

Dags att sova lite. God natt.


Could really do with a holiday…

[ now playing? ] Diane Birch – “Ariel”

I’ve only been home for less than three hours tonight since getting home from work.

It already feels like it is Friday. But it’s only Wednesday night.

To think that in about an hour’s time, I’ll be asleep and 7 or so hours from now, it’ll be time for the next daily grind again.

Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.

On another note, the Urbanears Plattan in “Army” is beginning to warm up quite nicely.

Urbanears - Plattan in "Army" color
Urbanears - Plattan in "Army" color

Enough channel separation. Very heavy on the bass. A bit too flabby at the moment. See how it evens out after 20-30 hours of audio playback. Mids are very warm. Diane Birch’s vocals are sounding quite nice. Highs on “Nothing But A Miracle” (i.e. hi-hats) could be a little more defined but I am kind of expecting this sort of response given the frequency chart that’s displayed in the included brochure/warranty info. Soundstage is quite intimate. Got a fairly good seal on my large noggin with these little circular earcups.

These drive really easy though. Whether it’s through my computer headphone output or via the headphone output on my iPod Classic or Creative Zen Vision:M. Should be good for battery life on portables then. These sound best when listening to pop, rock and urban styles. For jazz and classical, it’s passable for listening on the go but I’d choose other options for those genres.

For A$90, not too shabby at all. They do look gorgeous though. Retro-styled and with clean functional Scandinavian design.

David Jones at Queens Plaza has these in stock. Though I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t get the red ones. Those look absolutely stunning. Instead I have urban camouflage. Sort of.



… like the corners of my mind. Misty watercolored memories of the way we were…

“The Way We Were” — Barbra Streisand

Last weekend was, as stated on the 17th, one of the best weekends I’ve had in a veeeerrrrrrrryyyy long time.

Now more of the photos from last Saturday night are filtering through on FB.

At the risk of sounding like a stuck up prick:

We were a good looking high school graduating class. We still are. =P

Surprisingly, in a fair few of the pics, I don’t look freaky when smiling. And the gals are still as gorgeous as they were in high school. Some, even more so.

Looking at these is a nice way to end today off. A day which has been frustrating, confusing, annoying, happy and productive all-in-one.

Here’s hoping that I can finish off the week on a better note. At the very least, I have a visit to the barber to look forward to.


15 hour work day

To say that I am utterly stuffed after my Canberra trip is an understatement.

I’m still awake courtesy of trace amounts of caffeine in my system from 2 extra strong coffee’s (one here at home at 0245hrs and one in Canberra at 0915hrs), one weak filtered coffee on the plane down to Canberra (at about 0600hrs) and one big ass bottle of sugar-free Red Bull. And a couple of Coke Zero’s.

That’s more caffeine in one day than I’d usually have in an entire week. I did need it though. Finally got to sleep last night at about 1am only to wake up at 2:30am. Hoping to get more than enough sleep tonight because I have a whole day of training on tomorrow.

Canberra though has changed a helluva lot since I was last there back in 1992 on holidays with my grandfather and parents. I love the new office my organisation has down there and I am now wondering whether or not I should apply for a temporary transfer to the Canberra office for say 6 months. It would be great to be in the thick of things given that is my organisation’s national HQ.

Now time for some zzzzzz’s……

+ 2128hrs


Ordinary Time 33/2nd Week before Advent – Tuesday

It’s past midnight. I’ve been tossing and turning in bed since 9:45pm tonight. And I’m somewhat paranoid about sleeping tonight.

Hence why I am still up.

I’m getting picked up at 0330hrs this morning by a cab to head to Brisbane Domestic airport. My alarm is set for 2:30am, 2:35am and 2:45am. But given my recent unlucky streak with sleep, there’s every chance in the world that I’ll end up sleeping through all three alarms and I’ll miss my flight to Canberra which leaves at 0510hrs. >.<

So I guess that I’ll be power-napping until my first alarm goes off this morning. And then I’ll wake myself up with a cold shower followed by a very, very, very, very early breakfast before standing outside the house in a suit at 3:30am for my cab to arrive. And I sure hope like heck that it does arrive this morning. Otherwise I will not be a very happy chappy and I guess I won’t be attending that work meeting today either.

Maybe this insomnia is a blessing of sorts, just for today.

All I ask God for today is strength to get through a full day of meetings in Canberra and the ability to crash to sleep once I get home tonight.

And that coffee is cheap in Canberra. Because I’ll be needing lots of it on this fine Tuesday of November 2009.

+ 0024hrs